Thursday, April 10, 2014

ada’s artwork

that new rainbow painting she said would "brighten up the room" AND because we got out for a walk in the warm sunshine AND I finally blogged about the new normal of having two. (link in profile) #100happydays #todaywasagoodday

after a little bit of a self-imposed maternity leave, i’m itching to get back to art making in the studio...  it’s been too long since i’ve had painty fingers and i can feel it sneaking up on me... i’ve been busy with lucy, yes, but i can always tell when i *need* to get back into the studio to create because i can almost feel it in my bones... it’ll be tricky to carve out the time in these early baby days, but i’m determined!

a tiger with a roar so big it is covering his eyes. next to a bat cave. #100happydays and because it's finally April!!!!! #winterisover #sunnyand50!

these days, ada has been the one painting/making up a storm! she’s unstoppable-drawing, painting, cutting, stamping, coloring, you name it, she’s been doing it! i LOVE seeing her creations! and the timing has been perfect, she keeps VERY busy with when i am dealing with her little sister. 

happy to see the sunshine today & happy i found this sheet of bird wrapping paper that I laminated years ago in the basement ... it's a perfect art making placemat!

i’ll talk more about what/how i’ve set her up to make art in another post, but i thought it’d be fun to share some peeks today! 
from the top: 
-the rainbow she did all on her own and told me to hang it to “brighten up the room”
-“a tiger with a roar so big it covers his eyes” drawn on our chalkboard painted dining room table
-painting a garden and sunshine (with a fun laminated piece of wrapping paper underneath)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

and then there were TWO

big & little. finally! we are all together and happy to be home! side note- while we were in the hospital, ada decided she could do her own hair ;) also, jaundice light box was no fun for anyone.
ada and lucy in the early days... 
while i was in the hospital ada decided to do her own hair ;) 

whoa, it’s a whole new world with TWO! why didn’t someone tell me it was going to be so darn tricky managing TWO little people? don’t get me wrong, ada has been an amazing big sister and a huge help ‘round here, BUT she’s still a strong willed three-year old who is FULL of energy and i’m sleep deprived mama tending to a fussy newborn. phew. the first few weeks after lucy was born were super sweet- all new and cuddly, and the sleep deprivation hadn’t caught up to me yet, but then, WHAM-O, it hit us- the sickies- a cough/cold bug that is still hanging on to dada, a stomach bug that thankfully only hit one of us (poor ada), freeezing cold snowy weather, and then there was (and still is) a spit-up crazy baby girl. oh, and then there’s the piles and endless piles of little laundry. man oh man. march, you were a doozy! 

and the current view from the other side :) (not pictured- loud, crazy pants jumping up and down 3 year old sister)
shhhhh.... a few weeks old here i think
i’m trying to look on the bright side though! 
she’s a pretty good sleeper and OH so cute, so it’s hard to complain. 
AND april is here! i thought it would never come! i do love this month, it always feels like a fresh start with the promise of spring...  and most important, we can leave the house! yes, we’ve left the house with lucy, but mostly just to go to such glamours places as the pediatricians appointments and nursery school drop-offs, but, now we can actually go for walks in the sunshine and say goodbye to the worststircrazywinterthatfeltlikeitwouldneverend ! (otherwise known as winter 2014)

just getting outside for walks in the sunshine in above freezing temperatures will feel amazing. yup! here’s to that! 

i’m also trying oh-so-hard to embrace these days as they are all too fleeting... this article that a friend just sent along was a perfect reminder. i just read it and sobbed away while snuggling a sleeping lucy a little bit tighter... *sigh* 

i have an april goal to blog more too... there i said it out loud, so i’ve got to follow through now :)

hope all’s well in your world...
more soon xo *s

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW online workshop coming soon...

Registration for my BRAND NEW online workshop, 
{color, pattern, paint} 
will open at the end of APRIL!

this course will run over the summer and is the follow-up to {painted pages workshop} my popular online class. many more details to follow, but please read below to learn more! 

this class has been designed as a “part two” to ppw, but you will not need to have taken ppw to sign-up.  {color, pattern, paint} will focus less on the “basics” of painting, but more on the how-to of making of medium to large scale acrylic and mixed media paintings. it would be best to have some art/painting under your belt and a desire to paint BIG! 

I am SO thrilled to introduce this course to you, it’s really a dream come true! please continue to read on below... 

I’ve decided to launch the class in april,  a little later than originally planned, due to the early arrival of our daughter lucy!  she arrived 3 + weeks early on feb 16 and i’m savoring my time with her and will return after a much needed maternity leave. i’ll be keeping you all posted with details via my newsletter and blog, so be sure to keep an eye out to stay in the know! (there will be a discount and specials for newsletter readers) 

I am SO excited to launch my new course, i just know in my heart that i need to launch when i’m fully able to focus on the class and students, as well as being rested up from the first month or so with a newborn and three-year-old. i learned the hard way last time ‘round when i wrote a book and had a baby all at the same time... ! i promised myself i wouldn’t do that again :) little lucy’s early arrival thwarted the best laid plans, but i know it will all be for the best! 

thanks so much for your understanding, i promise it will be worth the wait!!! 

feel free to be in touch with any questions ~ paintedpagesworkshop(at)gmail(dot)com
xoxo *sarah

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

early bird...

someone decided to arrive a few weeks early! happy & healthy! we are all smitten with little Lucy!

introducing Lucy Parker! 
one week old today

she surprised us all, arriving about 3 weeks early, but as you can imagine, we’re all in love with this little one... especially her big sister! 
this is pretty much the scene around here these days, snuggling and snoozing!
more soon! xo *s

Thursday, January 16, 2014

it’s not too late!


everything you need to know about the class can be found HERE

be sure to check out ALL of the fun posters in my shop HERE and tell me which one you’d like (as your free gift) at checkout! wahoo! 

i’m SO excited to teach this course for the last (sniff, sniff) time! 
don’t miss out! 
xo *s

Friday, January 10, 2014


things are growing in our house this winter...

you may have seen my original announcement, but just in case your missed it, this winter we’ll go from a family of three, to a family of four! i’m pretty sure i might still be in denial about it all... so much to do, so little time! also, this pregnancy has been very different since the focus of our lives is on ada, and not so much on my growing belly, but it’s starting to get in the way these days and i’ve still got a couple of months to go... deep breath/ugh. being pregnant is not my favorite thing, but the sweet thing about it is that ada is SO excited. every morning she scrambles into bed with me to “snuggle” with her sister. her version of “snuggling” involves blowing into my notsomuchthereanymore bellybutton to wake up the baby and then she begins yelling/singing at her to get her to move around a bit. (better get used to this stuff, baby) then there’s usually a few rounds of a soft lullaby or two and some sloppy kisses, so the whole scene is pretty adorable/somewhat irritating especially since the sun has yet to come out when all of this takes place. all that “snuggling” aside, i do LOVE that she is so excited to be a big sister. it’s making everything this time around pretty special. 

my favorite moment of it all happened a few weeks ago, when, as we were driving to our third (yet not final) destination on Christmas day, out of the blue a little voice came from the backseat which said: “mama, thank you so much for growing me a sister”... pretty much the best present ever. 
and all of a sudden she's drawing people! it's non-stop and pretty amazing :)
ada’s family portraits 

i have a friend who likes to refer to me as a detective, because, as she puts it, i can always “sniff stuff out”...  i wonder if you have that detective side to you too? my favorite show when i was younger was Magnum PI. no kidding. i LOVED it. but now i’m into a much more “grown-up” detective show - the new Sherlock Homes on PBS... whoa...  we recently discovered it and it’s SO good and detective-y!  the only problem is that there are many a scene when i have to bury my head in a pillow and hum to myself until my husband tells me that it’s safe to watch again... it’s true, i’m a sensitive soul... anyway, i digress... 
but i wondered if any of you “detectives" out there had noticed ada’s drawings that i posted before i announced we are expecting? this fall, just about the time we told her she was going to be a big sister, she began drawing oodles of “pictures of my family”which we just LOVE! but, you may have noticed that there’s a mama, a dada, an ada, a “chooch” - our pooch, and an itty bitty little “L” figure.... the “L” stands for Lucy. It’s not quite time yet, but she certainly is feeling like she’s part of our silly little family already.  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

magic of the season...

she picked the perfect one... hers and hers. fuel for gingerbread house building as requested- the finished product! first time making one of these... kit from target came with all of the goodies you see, AND with cracked sides/front, needed to be repaired with frosting first, but we didn't mind... pretty fun & smells good to boot! an our first snow day is pretty cozy... finishing Christmas cards and making soup. watching snow fall. listening to John Denver & Muppets Christmas. christmascousins
merry christmas! wishing you the simple joys of this special season... 
xoxo *s

top to bottom: 
picking the perfect tree, warming up with hot chocolate, our first gingerbread house, a cozy corner by the tree, ada having some late night fun (searching for “lowly worm”) with her cousin cooper on christmas eve eve

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

featuring: found paper packs

(say that five time fast)!

i have SUCH fun pulling these packs together for you! each one is a little bit different, a little bit quirky, and a little bit PERFECT for the creative paper loving person on your list! i’ve left out a couple of surprises, like that each one will come with a little print and some sweet extras! but i wanted to show you a little sneak peek inside!
fpp.overall.text fpp.peek.words
my 2014 calendar... it's coming for cyber Monday!
how about both items for that special someone on your list? 
here’s a sweet little paper pack/calendar package deal! 
xo *s